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Explanation of JADD Testing Results

Explanation of results

The test currently offered test for multiple markers in the region associated with JADD and includes the probably disease causing mutation. Further research is needed to determine how the mutation causes Addison’s disease. Until the mutation is confirmed with functional data the designation will be one of “Probable."

JADD Probable N/N

This dog has two normal copies of the JADD region. This dog will not get the specific form of juvenile onset Addison’s disease identified by this test. There are other forms of Addison’s disease in the breed. This dog can only transmit the normal gene to its offspring, and therefore will not produce offspring with this form of Addison’s disease.

JADD Probable N/A

This dog has one mutant (abnormal) copy of the JADD region and is classified as a carrier. No dogs that are carriers have ever been reported with juvenile onset Addison’s disease. This dog can transmit either the normal copy of the region or the abnormal copy to its offspring.

JADD Probable A/A

This dog has two mutant (abnormal) copies of the JADD region and has a 75% chance of developing Addison’s disease by 1 year of age.


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