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JADD Breeder Guidelines

JADD is inherited as an autosomal recessive disease meaning that animals have only one mutant copy of the region (N/A) are normal but they are carriers of the disease and they can produce affected puppies if bred to an affected dog (A/A) or another carrier (N/A). In addition, JADD is not completely penetrant meaning that not all puppies with two copies of the mutation will go on to develop the disease. Based upon our research, approximately 75% of puppies with two copies of the mutation and haplotype will develop Addison’s disease.

At the time that this test was released approximately 20% of Tollers carry JADD (N/A); however, the number of carriers can change with each generation. Dogs that are carriers (N/A) are normal themselves and can be safely bred to N/N dogs in order to maintain diversity within the breed and select for other positive attributes in carrier dogs.

If you have a dog identified as being A/A or having early onset Addison’s disease (<1 year old) and you would like to participate in further research to understand this disease please contact Danika Bannasch DVM PhD, dlbannasch@ucdavis.edu.


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